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September 21, 2013

So updates have been few and far between these days. The hiatus has caused a drop in my Flecktone focus, unfortunately.

I have managed to make my way through a handful of audience recordings and add a few new setlists, mainly from 1997 and 1998. I have also been tracking down some of the unknown tracks played throughout the years trying to figure out exactly where they came from (list includes a Mike Marshall tune the Flecktones played back in '96 as well as a few miscellaneous songs from Bela solo albums).

But, more importantly, I recently began adding some side project dates for 2013 and getting ready for the dates in 2014. While there is still no plan to end the Flecktones hiatus (based on various reports), there are plenty of opportunities all over the world to catch the Flecktones individually with their side projects.

  • Vic will be doing a small tour with his brothers this December and more touring in early 2014
  • Levy has tours and clinics set up across the US
  • Coffin is on tour with the Mu'tet right now and will hit South America and Africa this winter with DMB
  • Futureman is also touring with the Mu'tet and is always playing gigs in the TN area
  • And Bela, the new dad, has tours set up with a variety of folks from his lovely bride to Brooklyn Rider to Chick Corea

The 2013 page is empty at the moment, so I encourage you to check out their official sites for tour dates and tickets. And albums too, Vic and Bela have both released new music within the last year or so and Coffin & the Mu'tet are working on one to be released early next year.

In the mean time, Archives in Cowtown has launched into the Twitter universe, so follow us (@CowtownArchives) for updates on side projects, tour dates, new recordings, updates to historical AiC data and all sorts of other Flecktone related fun. While updates to the site are fairly sporadic, the AiC will remain active on Twitter.

Last little nugget of info, I'm excited to be doing some work on the DMBAlmanac these days. The Almanac inspired the creation of this site and it is a great honor to be part of that team. If you are a DMB fan and you do not know about the Almanac by now, get ready to waste hours of time digging through the most comprehensive tour archive out there.

— Tex