Background Info

Created in March of 2004

Modeled after an amazing and very useful resource. I thought it would be cool to have basically a Flecktones Almanac, so I created this, and we'll see what happens. A huge thanks to the guys who put DMB Almanac together. Not only for their dedication and hard work, but also for creating such a monster of a site. Without DMB Almanac, I wouldn't have known where to start with the AiC.

Member section added December 2004, still a work in progress.


Why the name "Archives in Cowtown"?
Because one of my favorite Fleck tunes is Cheeseballs in Cowtown.

Who created those wonderful looking banners?
Banners were created by a friend of mine and a fellow Flecktone fan Nabil Abou-Harb (Trippinbill34). A huge thanks to him because graphics are one thing I just don't have the patience for.

Why so much BLUE, my eyes hurt?
As mentioned above, I don't do graphics. Right along with this, I'm not too good with color. The colors of this site changed a dozen times before I found and settled with the blue you see now. If you have better idea, please, PLEASE, let me know because I've grown used to the blue, I tolerate the blue, but I wouldn't hesitate to change to something else if it looked better.

Alright, there is a lot if information, what are your sources?
I would say 60-70% of the setlists come from It is what gave me the most information about setlists and show dates. Everything else comes from several different places. Things like the solo band members websites (,, . . .) help with more current information. Past information is taken from recordings I've collected, some have been submitted by fellow fans, and any other random place I can find setlist and show information. I'm not guaranteeing it's all 100% accurate, but I am going to say that there is more information here than anywhere else. Finally, I found the Flecktone Zoo. This site has a lot of information on setlists and shows that I currently have not put into the AiC. This is my current big project. I'm always working to add and fix the information I have. Another big thanks to the guys updating the sites I mentioned and the tapers for recording these performances. Without these sites and the tapers, this site would not exist.

What is with the lack of setlists for pre-'97 shows?
Since a lot of the information stored in the AiC came from the Flecktones main website ( It was a HUGE help when I was getting started because it had hundreds of setlists. But I finally got to the end of it, and ran out of setlists to enter. And as you can see, the setlist section on is lacking in the pre-97 category. Now I've turned to the massive world of the internet, and good ol' audience recordings to get new setlist information.

Why is the registration page down?
When the AiC switched servers, the new server used a different version of php. This caused conflict with the registration script, and I just haven't fixed this problem yet. Email me and I'll personally set up your account.

What if I have a setlist, or a scan, or a correction, or I just want to send you money?
All information, questions, comments, requests, whatever should be sent to me via email:
DMBTex10101 [AT]